It all began with a love for yarn...


Some time ago, when Cathy was just a young child, she and her family lived with her beloved grandmother on a lovely little farm in rural Nova Scotia. During the quiet winters the two would sit together every day while her Nanny patiently taught her the basics of Knitting. This is when her lifelong obsession with crafting colourful skeins of yarn and wool into beautiful wearables and art was born.

She quickly learned the common stitches, how to do repetitive patterns, and eventually simple colour changes, shaping and finishing. By the time she had completed her early introduction to Knitting there was no doubt that Cathy was hooked on fibre arts! 

By the time she was in high school she and her friends would knit at every free moment – Lopi sweaters for all!  Crocheting was also big back then. Many ponchos and granny squares were made in wild colours and combinations – kind of like today!  

Years later when a neighbour introduced her to Rug Hooking it was love at first sight. Now, twenty years, and hundreds of thousands of loops later, painting with wool cloth and yarn is yet another passion for Cathy and she is so excited to share this “new” old craft at the shop. 


Throughout her childhood Cathy’s entrepreneurial spirit was growing too. For many years she watched and learned about what it is like to be a businessperson by watching her parents grow their own business. It was during this time of her life that Cathy gathered skills and an understanding of the importance of dedication, hard work, and passion as the keys to success in business. She saw the pleasure her parents shared together as their business grew too. 

Cathy’s desire to own her own business continued to grow throughout her adult career. She, and her life partner Brian, started thinking and dreaming about owning their own yarn business one day. 


Today, Cathy and Brian live on a 25 acre hobby farm in rural New Brunswick along with some horses. Brian operates a small beekeeping business with about 60 hives providing bees for pollination in Southern New Brunswick and selling wild artisanal honey from home and at the markets. He has  an entrepreneurial spirit too, and now, as life would have it, he has two businesses! 

Three Bags Full Yarn Emporium was meant to be. It was destiny by the time Brian came up with the name and registered it back in 2007. Then in 2022, when a Moncton based yarn shop was going to close – they knew the perfect moment had arrived! They called the owner and offered to buy the shop – as long as the staff would stay on – and the answer was yes! The race was now on to open as Three Bags Full – all in 3 WEEKS! Cathy and Brian jumped on the opportunity to build their dream and now they are on a mission to share their joy. 

The first thing the two of them quickly point out is that it is very important that everyone who visits Three Bags Full Yarn Emporium in person, or online, has a wonderful experience. Cathy loves to chat and gets a ton of pleasure guiding people and learning together-sharing their love of all things fibre. For her there is nothing better than seeing people’s eyes light up when they fall in love with a pattern or yarn and then when they leave the store ready to discover and explore the joy of what is possible with every fibre art experience. Our sincere hope is that you find this little shop enjoyable and fun, open and inviting, and a shared source for inspiration. 

Cathy’s mantra ~ “If you do the right things for the right reasons, good things will happen”